Bulk Billing

Welcome to Jurien Bay Medical Centre.

We at Jurien Bay Medical Centre realise that there are financial constraints for a modern family and so we strive to provide the best service whilst still keeping the services bulk billed, including that of allied health services where possible. So what does this mean for you, well it’s simple!

There is no need to pay for a medical consultation.

Bulk billing is a payment option under the Medicare system of universal health insurance in Australia. It can cover a prescribed range of health services as listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule and is at the discretion of the health service provider. The health service provider, usually a Doctor is paid the scheduled fee directly by the government by billing the patient via their Medicare card so you do not only save money but time too.

Service providers may choose whether or not to use bulk billing however the key purpose of bulk billing is to avoid an economic constraint on medical fees and charges and we at Jurien Bay Medical Centre are proud of the fact that we are committed to seeing you return to health with no additional fees.

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